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What people are saying about Bob Patin's Minnesota Morning CDs:

Download sample music clips from each CD! "I absolutely love it...it's so well arranged."
                Bonnie J.

"Bob Patin has taken music you've heard all your life and breathed new life into it."
                Linda W.

"Music that's familiar and comfortable but won't put you to sleep."
                Sharon L.

"A real day brightener."
                Gerry M.

"I love Bob's music, it's just the right mix of lively and mellow and the instrumental mix is magical."
                Betsy S.

"Bob's music gets inside of you and picks you right up."
                Sally J.
"It's all so mellow, gentle, soothing and beautiful."
                Helen S.

"Stellar--absolutely gorgeous."
                Doug W.

"The style of instrumentation is so beautiful and relaxing."
                Ester F.

"Bob Patin is easy on the ears."
                Kathy T.

"...the music brings them to life and they sing their hearts out."
                Lila D.
                (Nurse referring to nursing home residents.)

"I love it."
                Peggy E.

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